Dakhla – Kite Surfing vacation

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Just back from a 1 week kite surfing vacation to Dakhla, Morocco.P1040479.JPG

It has been a very special experience!
Just imagine the Sahara dunes falling into a blue lagoon… with a bunch of colored kites.
Forget about hotels, tourists, (in)civilization.
Put instead a camp with tends, bungalows and just a big hut for restaurant and bar.

This was our holiday accomodation in Dakhla, a place where people go for kite surfing of fishing :)

Wind everyday, sun (but we had 3 drops of rain one morning!) and ~30degrees mitigated by the wind breeze.

We have been freed by any decision for 1 week.
Only thing to choose was the size of the kite so use, also the food was provided with no alternative option…

Our days were like this:

- 7am: natural wake up
- 8am: breakfast with sweet bread, honey, jams, coffee or tea
- 9am: kite surfing
- 1pm: lunch + siesta
- 4pm: kite surfing
- 7pm: sunset
- 8pm: diner + 2 beers
- 9:30-10pm: sleeping like babies


Especially the first days, it was very tiring to kite surf so long!! But has been curious to notice how the body quickly adapt to the strenuous activity and the more we kite surf the less tired we were feeling :)

After 2 days, the wind during the morning became less (~10knots) with nobody in the water, waiting ~11am for the wind to pick up before starting…. it was a kind of relief for our muscles!! :)

After a week there, we took the jeep driving us back to the airport, this time with daylight, and we really could notice how far we were from the world, connected with rallies that remember the old glorious Paris-Dakar…


From Dakhla we had fly back to Casablanca for a quick tour of the city, that we maximized visiting the incredible Mosque (so modern, but in antique style!), a nice Hammam (with massages and body scrub), and a great diner in an outdoor restaurant with the last tagine with olives :)

All the pictures below:


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