This is post #1 of the 3x3 writing challenge.
Subject: The 3 best things I bought in my life
Rule: the article must be composed of 3 paragraph, each 333 keystrokes long

1. The Salsa Van


I never own any of the cars I drove but when I decided to buy my 1st 4-wheels vehicle I had no doubt.
Some people 1 day buy the car they always wanted – a sporty rocket, a cabrio – before getting merried and move to a hearse.
For me that car was a van.
The van can do everything a car can do, and much more.
Nothing can beat the Van, especially when it’s on his way to a Salsa Festival somewhere with 9 dancers onboard!


2. A travel jacket

I bought my ScotteVest when I started traveling for work. It’s super cool and I can stuff a lot of things in its 32 pockets!
More things in the jacket means less things in the suitcase – reason why I stop checking-in the luggage and I take my trolley and my PC bag with my in the cabin.
And anywere I go I always know in which pocket the pen, the camera, the passport, the block-notes, the gloves and the iPod are.


3. The eBook Reader

My 1st eBook reader was a Sony, actually a gift from my brother Sergio.
PC or tablet can’t be as distraction-free as an eBook! That’s why I love it – reading experience is as close as possible to a paperbook but with the advantages of storing tons of titles, possibility of taking notes and to lookup words in the dictionary with just a tap.
I just bought an Amazon Kindle Touch: much better screen quality!


Rule for post #2: Create the article using 3 sessions of “free writing” technique of 3 minutes each, no re-editing.

Written by Daniele
Hi, I’m Daniele! A human being from planet earth. I founded and I like dancing Salsa, running, and living a location independent lifestyle.