a 3x3 exampleCloudio is an unconventional character I met in Cali (Colombia) during my Salsa WalkAbout.

Among the few things in common, we both like writing and playing the blogger.

So he proposed me this new writing challenge that I didn’t really feel like doing, but he was really too enthusiastic to let him down!

The 3×3 writing challenge will start the 03-03-2012.

For the next 33 days, Cloudio and me we’ll post a blog of 333 words each 3 days at 3:33pm, on the same subject and with the same special rule, somehow related with the magic number of 3.

Each time, one of us will choose the subject and the other the special rule, that will be at the end of each completed post.

For example, for the first article Cloudio may choose the subject “parks” and Daniele the rule “333 characters”.
For the second article Daniele may choose the subject “bugs” and Cloudio the rule “to be written in 33 minutes”.


Why we are doing this?
Why not? We like writing and we like challenges that take us out of the comfort zone.
And we believe that our billions readers will like it too!


Achtung billions readers!

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SUBJECT 1: The 3 best things I bought in my life (so far)

The post will be online the 03-03-2012 at 3.33pm

Written by Daniele
Hi, I’m Daniele! A human being from planet earth. I founded WP-OK.it and I like dancing Salsa, running, and living a location independent lifestyle.