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Subject: Dreams
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“What’s your dream?” asked my friend the other week during a diner at mine.

That’s the simplest question ever. But I felt like if I was reaching my pocket looking for the wallet just to discover that was not there anymore. My answer wasn’t there anymore either.

Daniele,  you thought so long about life purpose, goals, dreams, and now that your friend asks you, you have no ready answer?

How is that possible. I got frustrated first, then disappointed with myself.

The answer was there. But it’s gone, like the wallet. Dreams change, you get closer to them and they change into something else, something different, something more.

I was dreaming to be a Terra Nova the other day, happily running around Vondel Park, getting close to a couple of lovers sit on a bench, happily sniffing around, and then for no reason loosing interest and run away towards something else. Like jumping from a dream to another.

My friend’s dream is to write a book, like a new Gabriel Garcia Márquez but with some innovative elements in it that I can’t share ‘cause I mind my own dreams.

“My dream is to live in my own way. Before I was dreaming to inspire people, but I realize that that can’t be a goal. The goal can’t be to inspire. Inspire someone can only be a side-effect of living on your own terms…”

My friend interrupted: “Concrete, please!”

He was right, I was improvising an answer, side-tracking to avoid the frustration of admitting that I had no clear dream in my mind…

Keep calm and be fearless I repeated to myself till I had some clarity.

“My dream is to live in my own way. I want to be financial independent. Free myself from the slavery of money. That ‘s the ultimate form of freedom. I value freedom and that’s a great achievement…”

Looks like this answer satisfied my friend. At least satisfied me.

Happy super Tuesday! But is Friday. Never stop dreaming!



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