Starting from yesterday, I switched my Linux Graphical Interface from KDE to Gnome.

I used KDE for about 1 year, and I like it, but I want try the difference to make my opinion about what seems to me a big debate: KDE or Gnome?

I report my experience as user of a laptop running Kubuntu, for a user point of view.

I heard some developer argue that the developer tools of Gnome are better, but I don’t care because this is not what I need.

When I started using Gnome, what I found really positive was the speed, the responsiveness and the better look&feel.

What I dislike if the missing “address bar” in Nautilus (I can write the address with CTRL+L but it disappears after the selection).

This is something reported in the famous discussion in witch Linus Torvalds attacked Gnome in flavour of KDE:

(reading the whole thread takes some times…)

From KDE to Gnome
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Written by Daniele
Hi, I’m Daniele! In April 2012 I quit my full-time IT job to pursue entrepreneurship and a location independent lifestyle.