The answer is YES.
Many sources reports that entry in Saudi Arabia is denied for people with Israeli stamps on the passport…  and many people think that this is true.

So, I volunteered to be a guinea pig and I went there to check*

* it’s very cool to say that, but I didn’t volunteer and I was actually terrified 😉

Weeeel, what most people think, guess what, is wrong.

The Saudi embassy can’t refuse to issue a Visa for you if you have visited Israel before.
And once in Saudi is not true that your entry will be automatically denied…. no no no.

At least, this is my first hand experience 😉

But, to avoid any complication, when visiting Israel is always better to ask at the passport control to don’t put the stamp on the passport… they can stamp a separate paper instead!

Happy traveling 🙂

Written by Daniele
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