This is post #7 of the 3x3 writing challenge.
Subject: What is Happiness for me
Rule: Write in 3 terzine dantesche schema ABA BCB CDC

Isn’t this a question everyone should ask himself?
‘cause when you have a roof, shelter and safety,
you can relax and enjoy your pelf

but then you’ll get bored, and you’ll want variety
and think inside you, “is it time for a quest?”
But what you realize, almost immediately

what is it the think that takes breath out your chest
you’re safe, you’ve food, certainly you’re lucky
what else do you want? leave some for the rest!

you look around, why your mind feels sharky?
it may take some time, months or even years
to figure it out, to see again things brightly

you can have it all, but still burst in tears
‘cause the truth you don’t know what you really want
there’s more, there’s less, there are fears

there is what you shouldn’t, mustn’t and can’t
but who choose, who decided, who said that?
there is a presence that we all fear and daunt

isn’t you, isn’t me, nor a dog or a rat
but society, expectations and rants
that stuff your mind with those things, till it’s fat

when that’s clear, you feel like without pants
you feel naked, exposed and fragile
you can crumble, if someone just farts

will I ever reach 333 words to finish this damn tale?
I better write more and use longer sentences
I can see Cloudio desperate and all pale

just in case, let’s add some adjectives
but it’s enough, now I go back to my masterpiece
I was saying, is not to anyone that you’re showing your naked beauties

but to yourself, to that yourself that came out of you like a soul piece
and is standing in front, strongly shouting
screw society and stop using someone else face

what’s the conclusion of this, is there a meaning?
sure there is, let me think, I’m confused too
meaning is, who are you listening?

don’t listen at me, I’m a foul, listen you
that’s what happiness if for me
set you free, just be you.


Rule for post #8: It must be 333 words long, as all the posts so far were suppose to be. Furthermore, each noun can’t be used more than 3 times.

Written by Daniele
Hi, I’m Daniele! A human being from planet earth. I founded and I like dancing Salsa, running, and living a location independent lifestyle.