This is post #6 of the 3x3 writing challenge.
Subject: Hot & cold
Rule: Write 3 versions of the same story, keeping the post of 333 words.

Version 1

“Geg, did you ever walk barefoot on the snow?”


“I did it once and was cool, let’s do it?”

“Why not?”

There we were, an Austrian and an Italian taking shoes and socks out, in a warm end-of -April day walking in the few snow left by the winter.

“Geg, don’t you feel pain in the feet?”



I run towards a big rock, where I could sit and energetically massage my frozen feet.

Geg was laughing while calmly continuing his walk.

barefoot on the snow to challenge the machine

Version 2

We were in a mountain somewhere in a park somewhere, somewhere in California.
Walking barefoot in the last snow that survived the spring sudden arrival.

My memory went back to a parish summer camps in the mountains in the north of Milano.
In one of the hikes we reached a beautiful glacier, and a young guy that was studying to become a priest, now Don Enrico, proposed us to try walking barefoot on the ice cold river.
Was so cold that I remember my friend  Davide peeing on his feet right after!
That experience made an impression on me.
We connected with nature doing something crazy, a moment so precious for us but completely silly for the rest.


Version 3

I was constantly amazed by the beauty of the country during the trip in US I did few years ago with 3 great friends.

We were hiking up to Neveda Fall, in the gorgeous Yosemite National Park in California, during a sunny day at the end of April.
25 degrees were rapidly melting the snow left covering the shadowed parts of the mountain, caught by surprise by the temperature increase of the last days.

With t-shirts and shorties, sweating by the effort and the heat, we reached a flat area covered by snow and I felt the urge of walking barefoot.
In on time my crazy Austrian friend and I were walking barefoot in the snow.

Soon after I was running towards salvation on a rock warmth by the sun.



Subject for post #7: What is Happiness for me

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